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About Us

Professional Pet Nanny provides services in Greater Cincinnati and N. Kentucky. We have been in business for almost 2 decades. We offer exclusive Home and Pet Care in your home. We are not a Kennel, Puppy Camp, Doggy Day Care or Cattery. We do not board pets. We offer trusted and confidential service to your home. Comfort and Convenience are primary service goals. Pet Parents meet their Pet Nanny before services begin to verify a match for all Pet(s) and for Home care needs. Your Pet Nanny is fully Bonded and Insured and passes a complete background & drug check annually. After meeting your Pet Nanny, you may reserve services 24/7 securely online. When you reorder services, we confirm your same Pet Nanny as available, to meet your Home and Pet Care needs. Your Pet Nanny becomes familiar with your customized service directives. Pets are content when they remain in their familiar surroundings at home. Meals, hydration, medication, exercise and play are key elements for Pet Care in your Home. We often use the familiar Dog Walk route with your pet(s). Special diets (ie. cooked, grain-free, raw), geriatric and young kitten/puppy needs are reviewed. We promote Pet Play Therapy along with exercise whenever possible for even your shy and remote pet(s) at home. Communication via text and email along with your Daily Diary is established with our visits. Upon arrival Home, our Pet Parents report they are greeted with warm hearts and wagging tails. Schedule a gratis consultation to meet your neighborhood Pet Nanny. Call us today!

All my best,
Kyle Maushardt
Founder and Owner
Professional Pet Nanny, Inc.


You often think of your pets as “kids”. Your pets are kids to your Pet Nanny too. When we receive your call for service the first time, it is often with many questions regarding our passion. Simply put, we live to please those in our care. This includes you!

Our first meeting tells a lot about how you want your home & your pets to be cared & loved when you are away. The names you have for your kids tell-the-tail of your pets’ personality. Sedgwick, Alice and Samuel come to mind for recent kids in our care. You have referred to them as self-reliant, alpha or peace maker. We listen when you describe your pets to us! It will forecast the way they like to be cared & loved when away.

We often say we want your kids to be in “Margaretaville” when you are on vacation. Your Pet Nanny is about Play Therapy. Scoop, hydrate, feed & walk is expected each visit. Play Therapy is our best way to deter separation anxiety. Many cats respond well to Play Therapy and enjoy a change of pace along with cuddling and brushing. It is comparable to a dog walk! Ball play and toy retrieval for pups is also part of our play therapy when enjoyed. Loving Bird care, speaking the same words & phrases with them is also enjoyed.

The corner stone to our service is great communication before, during and after you travel. Your Pet Nanny can email & send pictures, text & voice message the loving results of our sessions with your kids. It is a comfort to know all is well at home when you travel. It makes arrival home seamless and relaxed with your kids waiting for you. It is an honor to be part of the pulse of your home and of your kids’ life when away. Happy Travels!

All my best,
Kyle Maushardt
CEO/Leader of the Pack
Professional Pet Nanny, Inc.

Our Goals :

Our Service Commitment :

Company History:


Your Pet Nanny:

What Makes Us Different:

1. Meet your Pet Nanny before Services begin.

2. 24/7 reservation system for Booking Services.

3. Play Therapy & Dog Walks for your pets when you travel.

4. Paperwork including our ” Daily Diary” provided with each visit to your home.

5. We always visit your veterinarian when needed. An emergency veterinarian plan is in place before departure.

6. We offer 3 free visits (each 24 months) for returning Pet Lovers with emergency needs. This is for instant service due sickness or death with immediate family.