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While at Work
Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm

Rates per Walk
Never per Pet!

Walks per Week Rate per Walk
Dog Walk Base Rate        “As Needed” $14
5x per Week               “Discounted” $13
Yard Break                          “Let-Out” $13
Exercise, Play & Clean  “Puppy Program” $15
Wkdays Early Am/Pm   “Before 10am/After 4pm” $16
Weekend Walks           “Weekend at work” $17

Dog Walks Include:

  • Meet your Pet Play Nanny
  • Same route each Walk
  • Walks strictly with YOUR Dogs
  • 24/7 On-Line Reservations
  • Conventient Same Day Needs
  • (PM School, Business Meetings, Gym Workouts, Happy Hour, Dinner & Holiday Socials)
  • 30 Minute Visit with Paperwork, Fresh Water & Treat
    Weekends available upon request
  • Discounts & Invoicing Monthly
  • Credit Card payment On-Line

Pet Sitting

Rates per visit never per Pet!

Pet Sitting Rate
Pet Sitting AM per visit  $21
Pet Sitting Mid Day per visit  $21
Pet Sitting Afternoon per visit  $21
Pet Sitting Evening per visit  $21
Pet Sitting Early AM (before 7am) Pet Sitting Late PM (after 9pm) per visit  $25
Discounted Pet Sitting am, afternoon, pm Senior & Fixed Income per visit  $19

Pet Variedies Includes: Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Rodent, Birds & Fish* *Larger pet families welcome. Most time at NO additional rate. Call the office for details!

Smart Puppy Plan®

$15 per Home Visit

45 Minutes

The Puppy Program is designed for the busy Pet Lover who

finds time away from home a challenge for house training. If you do not need 45 minutes feel free to review our dog walk rates for home visits. We realize you may start with 45 minutes and “graduate” your puppy as needed!

Two Part Approach:

  • Go directly outside for exercise and elimination
  • Return inside to hydrate, feed and play
  • Go outside again for “bonus round”
  • Note is kept on the counter for you
  • Crate area Clean-up is completed.
  • We may call your office with the loving “results”
  • Monthly Discounts & Invoicing
  • Credit Card payments on-line

Overnight Pet Sitting

Overnight $115
Around-the-Clock $145

Please call in advance with your request. Check-in is flexible. Most common is pet dinner time. Additional visits are available during the day as needed. Check-out time in the morning as needed and available with your Pet Play Nanny. Visits include scoop, hydrate & feeding all pets. Medication & special diets observed. Dog Walking & Play Therapy for all pets.  Home care including our crime deterrent services.  Contact our office with your requirements. Payment is due 14 days in advance if available. Cancelled reservation is 50% refundable. Company restrictions apply. Call the office for quick response to meet immediate needs. We are happy to make a referral if we are unable to meet your needs.

Pet Sitting Holiday Rates

$5 per visit additional

Overnight Pet Sitting Holiday Rates

$25 per visit additional

New Years Eve & Day Easter Memorial Eve & Day
July Fourth Eve & Day Labor Eve & Day Thanksgiving Eve & Day
Christmas Eve & Day

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