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Mary Beth Crocker AvatarMary Beth Crocker
As always, Professional Pet Nanny took excellent care of our kitties, Minnie, Cecil and Samuel, including playing with them each time they visited, which was twice a day! They also took care of the mail... read more - 10/14/2023 
Alyssa AvatarAlyssa
Kyle did a wonderful job watching our 10 year old golden doodle for overnights and day walks! Kyle is very details and wants to know everything about your house and dog to make sure nothing... read more - 7/14/2023 
Emily K AvatarEmily K
My cat requires intense play, twice a day visits, and he gets lonely easily. He also requires spotless litter boxes because of a history of urinary crystals. For three years, I have been able to... read more - 1/14/2023 
James S AvatarJames S
This company is awesome! I wouldn't have anyone else watch my house and cats while I was gone. It's super easy to book time. They hang out with my furry roommates and exercise them. They... read more - 1/14/2023 
Colleen Klimara AvatarColleen Klimara
I have been a client of Professional Pet Nanny for years. Kyle and her team continually provide excellent care for my cat. They are always highly communicative and truly show care for my precious Pavi.... read more - 12/14/2022 
Andre Woodcock AvatarAndre Woodcock
I have been using Pet Nanny for about a year now and I absolutely adore them. Very trustworthy and my Henry(my cat) absolutely loves her. He always has so much fun with her. You will... read more - 12/14/2022 
Jeffrey Cook AvatarJeffrey Cook
We were referred to Kyle by close friends when we adopted our cat a year ago and haven't looked back! She makes sure he's well taken care of when we're on the road, and it's... read more - 11/14/2022 
Tyler M AvatarTyler M
I can't say enough good about this service. Kyle was phenomenal with updates on my 2 bunnies while taking care of them. Pictures with each visit and a list of updates for care provided. There's... read more - 11/14/2022 
Russell Winters AvatarRussell Winters
Kyle from Professional Pet Nanny is awesome!! She treated our cat and chickens like royalty. Her status updates (with photos) were so reassuring. We knew they were well taken care of and could more easily... read more - 11/14/2022 
Julie Petersen AvatarJulie Petersen
Ms. Kyle is excellent with our three cats. She is able to give medicine when needed and always keeps us informed with daily status updates. We don’t know what we would do without her. - 11/14/2022 
Steve G. AvatarSteve G.
5 star rating We were so pleased when we found this service online. They came out and spent time with us and we instantly knew our pets were in excellent hands. They are thorough in gathering information to... read more - 6/29/2022 
Linda R
Professional Pet Nanny is a wonderful company to work with. They confirm my reservations, my personal nanny texts me with any questions before the visit, during the visits I get texts and email with pictures... read more - 12/07/2021 
Judith Ryan (Jude) AvatarJudith Ryan (Jude)
I've been using Professional Pet Nanny for over 2 years. I travel frequently for work (when we're not in COVID captivity!). I can board my dog, but the cats prefer being at home. Reservations are... read more - 11/14/2021 
Annie AvatarAnnie
Highly recommend this service. Kyle is my pet nanny for my shy, older cat who needs medication daily. She truly understands cats and mine gets great care from this service. Love the app and the... read more - 11/14/2021 
Patricia Carlyn AvatarPatricia Carlyn
Wonderful, have used this service for close to 20 years, the best! - 11/14/2021 
CB McDonald AvatarCB McDonald
Kyle has provided excellent care for our kitties for many years. We can leave for a vacation and know they will be well taken care of! Thank you so much! - 9/07/2021 
Professional Pet Nanny is the best! We have used their services for several years now and have always been completely satisfied. Reservations are easy to make, and last minute changes are not a problem. The... read more - 3/04/2021 
Connie t
After a fall that left me unable to walk without a cane, my first thought was how could I possibly keep my beloved dog. I went online and found Professional Pet Nanny. She or her... read more - 2/23/2021 
Kimberly K. AvatarKimberly K.
5 star rating I have used PPN for the 16 years I have lived in Cincinnati. Kyle & her team have known 5 of my cats; they have cared for them & loved them as if they were... read more - 2/22/2021 
Natasha Lovas AvatarNatasha Lovas
Kyle is the Mary Poppins of pet sitters. She first appeared at my door with a bag of treats and toys for my 2 kitties. They couldn't resist her. She carefully reviewed my plans and... read more - 11/14/2020 
Stacey Klumb AvatarStacey Klumb
Kyle and her team are beyond amazing. The day I called to talk about their services, I got so much more than another company that I had been emailing back and forth with. Her and... read more - 11/14/2019 
Danielle B AvatarDanielle B
I've used Professional Pet Nanny several times to look after my cat when I'm out of town. When I first signed up, Kyle came over to meet the animal, see the house, and go over... read more - 11/14/2019 
Danna Edgett AvatarDanna Edgett
Kyle or someone from her team have been at our home several times. Three dogs and a cat live with us. They are so much more content when they are in their own surroundings. They... read more - 11/14/2019 
John G AvatarJohn G
We began using Professional Pet Nanny when the person who had been helping us with our dogs was no longer available to help. It can be stressful giving someone you don't know access to your... read more - 11/14/2019 
Jason Rosencranz AvatarJason Rosencranz
We’ve had a very positive experience with Kyle and Ashten. We were visiting Cincinnati for a few weeks for work and realized only at the last minute that we needed pet care support. Kyle jumped... read more - 11/14/2019 
Carole Gibson AvatarCarole Gibson
The Professional Pet Nanny is a wonderful service at a great price for those who what quality people who will really care for your pets in your absence. We have used them for at least... read more - 11/14/2019 
Thomas Stutts AvatarThomas Stutts
They think of everything, used them for 3 years now when going on vacation. The one time of year when I really can enjoy my away time and not worry about my 4 loving cats.... read more - 11/14/2019 
Lisa Braun AvatarLisa Braun
I’ve been using Professional Pet Nanny for 15 years and they are like part of the family. I trust Kyle and Tyler to take care of my dogs and know that they will only send... read more - 11/14/2019 
Hannah Zalla AvatarHannah Zalla
Professional Pet Nanny of Cincinnati is the pet destination for your vacation!! Leave for your trip knowing that your pet will be in good hands. I have used PPN for 2+ years now. This is... read more - 11/14/2019 
courtney kress Avatarcourtney kress
I had a wonderful experience with Professional Pet Nanny. My sitter, Kyle made my cat feel comfortable and allowed for me to not worry during my trip. The one hour of play time along with... read more - 11/14/2019 
Jessica Woo AvatarJessica Woo
We've used Professional Pet Nanny for years, and we love them. Appointments are easy to schedule, and we've never had a problem if we forget and have to schedule at the last minute. We get... read more - 11/14/2019 
Michele Mathieu AvatarMichele Mathieu
I've been using Professional Pet Nanny for eight years now! Kyle and Tyler make you feel like part of their family as well as your pet. My girl enjoys her walks and know she is... read more - 11/14/2019 
Hagan Zoellers AvatarHagan Zoellers
Kyle and our Pet Nanny were absolutely exceptional in taking care of my cat while I was on vacation. I came home to a much happier cat than in the past. The daily updates (with... read more - 11/14/2019 
Jill Thome AvatarJill Thome
We are so thankful for Professional Pet Nanny! They have been caring/loving/ our two cats for nearly 3 years. They not only care for our cats but care for our home as well. Pictures and... read more - 11/14/2019 
Laura Dunderman AvatarLaura Dunderman
I couldn't be happier with Kyle and Professional Pet Nanny! I had other pet sitters who weren't getting the job done, and I'm so glad I found PPN. They go above and beyond just the... read more - 11/14/2019 
Susan Hinnefeld AvatarSusan Hinnefeld
I have been using professional pet nanny for 15 years and have always had fantastic service. My pet sitter sends photos every day so I can see what my babies are up to and a... read more - 11/14/2019 
Emma George AvatarEmma George
Kyle and her team have taken care of our cat while we are away on several occasions. They are trustworthy, friendly and reliable. They also send adorable pictures of our cat each visit so we... read more - 11/14/2019 
Jenny Mor AvatarJenny Mor
We have found the perfect pet nannies to care for our 3 cats when we travel. They eat different foods and must be watched so they stay on their diets. They are loved, played with... read more - 11/14/2019 
Jay Shatz AvatarJay Shatz
Consistently fantastic care. Very knowledgeable and caring. We've been using Pet Nanny for more than 5 years for our two Labradoodles. Pet Nanny has done quick overnights and extended vacations and helpful when there are... read more - 11/14/2019 
Kristen Pirozzi AvatarKristen Pirozzi
They’ve always been great with taking care of my cats - especially with last minute travel for work ect. They always make sure to send me photos of all the cats and often bring them... read more - 11/14/2019 
Ms Be AvatarMs Be
I have two dwarf bunnies and they can be very complicated to care for. Kyle the owner was once a bunny mom and makes sure my boys are well cared for so I have one... read more - 11/14/2019 
Jeff Shuler AvatarJeff Shuler
Very flexible, friendly, and happy to take care of both of our dogs. My wife and I work highly variable schedules that change often and our awesome dog walker is always able to handle these... read more - 11/14/2019 
Chase Constant AvatarChase Constant
Great company! Very easy to work with if you have last second schedule changes or needs. I feel good knowing my dog is in their care. I routinely get pictures texted of my dog during... read more - 11/14/2019 
Rick Lukacovic AvatarRick Lukacovic
Kyle came to our house and met our cats and learned about their needs. We have used her service twice and were very pleased. We are at ease that are cats are well taken care... read more - 11/14/2019 
Heather G AvatarHeather G
We've used Professional Pet Nanny for several years now to take care of our (five!) cats. Both Kyle and her assistants have been super helpful and respectful of our fur balls and all of their... read more - 11/14/2019 
Jane Orthel AvatarJane Orthel
I have used Professional Pet Nanny for my 2 cats for several years when I go out of town. I have always found the cats to be happy and calm when I get home and... read more - 11/14/2019 
Margaret Garver AvatarMargaret Garver
Always professional. Take extra care of taking care of my two kitties, one of which can be terribly shy. Everything in order when we return and love the pictures and report card. - 11/14/2019 
Courtney Amicon AvatarCourtney Amicon
We (including our cats) LOVE Kyle and her team! They treat them as if they're their own pets and send us updates while we're away. Such great services and at reasonable prices. - 11/14/2019 
Krista Nee AvatarKrista Nee
Skylar is great with our dog. He is reliable and I feel like he really loves Mabel. The price is incredibly reasonable and it is easy to adjust our schedule as needed. - 11/14/2019 
Edmund Osterman AvatarEdmund Osterman
Top-notch pet care. I couldn’t ask for better caretakers for my cat when I travel—they take care of her perfectly and she’s always in a good mood when I get back! - 11/14/2019 
Karen Meyer AvatarKaren Meyer
Great service for our dog and cat when we need a sitter. Both are less stressed when we travel and they receive wonderful care and attention in our absence. - 11/14/2019 
Victoria Kuhner AvatarVictoria Kuhner
Professional Per Nanny is an outstanding service! Every day after my dog is walked a note is left, and they communicate quickly! Highly recommend. - 11/14/2019 
April W AvatarApril W
Great service at a fantastic price! We've used Professional Pet Nanny several times and will do so again. Very highly recommend! - 11/14/2019 
Kelly Gersch AvatarKelly Gersch
We have used them for almost 3 years for daily lunch break walks. our 3 girls are grateful for the break during our work days! - 11/14/2019 
Emily St. Cyr AvatarEmily St. Cyr
Our cat is diabetic and they make it so easy for us to leave town and know he is taken care of! Grateful for their services! - 11/14/2019 
Nicolas Nassar AvatarNicolas Nassar
My cats are very comfortable around Professional Pet Nanny. I trust them. Very reliable. Highly recommended. - 11/14/2019 
Mary Wigser AvatarMary Wigser
If your pet needs great care with lots of love and playtime, Pet Nanny is for you. Kyle is fantastic! - 11/14/2019 
Margo Lambert AvatarMargo Lambert
Been using this service for many years--always great and good for the pets! - 11/14/2019 
Barb Carroll AvatarBarb Carroll
Best pet sitter I've every had! I have already rebooked. Highly recommend! - 11/14/2019 
Colin Bischoff AvatarColin Bischoff
Very reliable and they love pets! - 11/14/2019 
Llama Whisperer AvatarLlama Whisperer
Nice group of people - 11/14/2019 
Erin Batzer AvatarErin Batzer
We have loved using Professional Pet Nanny for our herd! We have 3 dogs and 3 cats, and Kyle and our pet sitter Sam have always been incredible, reliable and flexible! Don’t know what we... read more - 11/05/2019 
Jacqueline H. AvatarJacqueline H.
5 star rating I have a chemo kitty. With a wedding and a funeral, PPN helped me keep him and his siblings healthy and happy. They have been a lifeline for me this year. - 6/26/2019 
Whitney M. AvatarWhitney M.
5 star rating Tyler and Kyle are so wonderful with our dogs! They clearly love them and it is so nice to know they are being well cared for while we are at work. They send us pics... read more - 4/29/2019 
We love this company. We have used them multiple times in the past. We have 6 animals with different needs and they do very well meeting all the “kids’” needs. They make a lot of... read more - 4/09/2019 
Kathleen R. AvatarKathleen R.
5 star rating Have been using Professional Pet Nanny over the last seven years and know that our dog is always well taken care of in their hands. Website is easy to use to make appointments. Kyle and... read more - 4/08/2019 
Courtney Kress AvatarCourtney Kress
Professional pet nanny was the best choice for me and my pet! Kyle did an amazing job with keeping my cat happy and entertained while I was away. I had the peace of mind of... read more - 3/18/2019 
kristy m. Avatarkristy m.
5 star rating Have used Kyle for about 10 years and always thought that she was wonderful. Now I know that she is. Was away for the holidays and Kyle was sitting for Gideon and Billie Holiday, my... read more - 12/27/2018 
Patti Halverson-Anderson AvatarPatti Halverson-Anderson
We are glad that we found Professional Pet Nanny to look in on our cat when we were away. It gave us peace of mind knowing he was well cared for and doing fine. The... read more - 12/27/2018 
Great. Very responsive to initial request when contacting them directly. Constant follow ups prior to actual service. Daily updates sent via text. Was able to adjust when my cat had surgery and needed limited activity... read more - 12/26/2018 
Matias Oyarzun AvatarMatias Oyarzun
I’m a Professional Pet Nanny customer for 4+ years. I love their service. Gives me peace of mind when leaving my two cats knowing that they are well cared for. I especially enjoy the daily... read more - 12/17/2018 
Margaret Garver AvatarMargaret Garver
I was so very happy to have found Professional Pet Nanny. My two boys, my cats, Buttons and Boze are well taken care of while we are gone, everything is in tip top order when... read more - 12/11/2018 
Laurel Brown AvatarLaurel Brown
Professional Pet Nanny has been part-time parenting our fur-child for several years now, providing the TLC he needs. We appreciate getting photos while we're away, having our plants watered, and coming home to a calm,... read more - 11/30/2018 
La'Keyta I Hoffmann AvatarLa'Keyta I Hoffmann
This company is great for dog walking. I have been with this company for almost five years and three residential moves. My Buddy is always so happy for his walks. - 11/30/2018 
Taylor Shockey AvatarTaylor Shockey
Kyle, Tyler, and their team of dog walkers/sitters are great! Booking online is super easy and they also always do their best to accommodate last minute requests. My 2 dogs look forward to their walk... read more - 11/29/2018 
Alie Corirossi AvatarAlie Corirossi
I have only had great experiences with Professional Pet Nanny!! My cat is always super well taken care of, and she loves her sitter. I also love receiving daily updates and pictures when I'm away. - 11/29/2018 
Nancy Culliney Reilly AvatarNancy Culliney Reilly
Caring and professional. My cats love play time with Kyle and Tyler. I love the updates showing them happy while I am away. - 11/29/2018 
Kyle and Tyler are the best. We feel very comfortable leaving our two little dogs with them. Our dogs love going out for walks with them, and we really appreciate the photographs of our dogs.... read more - 11/27/2018 
Jeanne Hranica AvatarJeanne Hranica
Kyle and Sam are the best and my pups can't wait for their daily walks! Professional, responsible, reliable and pet loving 🙂 - 11/27/2018 
Karen Meyers Holzer AvatarKaren Meyers Holzer
Professional Pet Nanny is awesome. My two cats love them and I can be sure they are well taken care of when I am gone. - 11/27/2018 
Myke Edwards AvatarMyke Edwards
flexible, caring, dependable - 11/26/2018 
Went very well. The Pet Nanny was came twice a day, performed all the duties required. Also, played with the cats, sent me pictures every day and kept a daily diary of how things went.... read more - 7/23/2018 
Well. Cats were content and well cared for. Some confusion as I was told to expect
pictures/report text daily, that didn't happen every day so I was concerned. Cats were
cared for, just didn't get report til...
read more - 5/06/2018 
It went wonderfully. I met my sitter When she came to my house for a Free Consultation. She was a great listener, had a note pad and took diligent notes while I explained my pig’s... read more - 11/14/2017 
Kelly Kiehl AvatarKelly Kiehl
I have an elderly guinea pig who likes company, and when I go out of town Professional Pet Nanny has been so helpful to me by having someone come and sit with my guinea pig... read more - 11/14/2017 
Taylor Shockey AvatarTaylor Shockey
Professional Pet Nanny is great. Tyler and Kyle make sure all dog walkers are well trained and familiar with your home and pets. Communication and scheduling is incredibly easy. My dog walker is fantastic -... read more - 11/14/2017 
Leah Danizio AvatarLeah Danizio
I love that we have our own personal pet nanny with this company. We have her come about 2-3 times during the week for lunch time walks for a our puppy. It is such a... read more - 11/14/2017 
Julia Samet AvatarJulia Samet
My pets have been cared for by Kyle and her nannies for 5 years. They are loving, reliable, and take a huge weight off my shoulders when I travel or work late They play with... read more - 11/14/2017 
Patty Huenefeld AvatarPatty Huenefeld
Our dogs are little and can be very nervous with strangers. We have now used 2 nannies and they loved both of them. It is so reassuring that things are taken care of while we... read more - 11/14/2017 
Stephanie H AvatarStephanie H
Sam is wonderful with my two large dogs! I appreciate the notes she leaves telling me about the walk as well as the photos she sends me on occasion. I feel good knowing my pups... read more - 11/14/2017 
Connie Howard AvatarConnie Howard
A wonderful service - kind and caring! - 11/14/2017 
Ali C. AvatarAli C.
5 star rating Updating to review a new employee at Professional Pet Nanny...Marissa took care of our two dogs and brand new kitten while we were gone for a week on vacation. I can't say enough good things... read more - 10/31/2017 
Leah G. AvatarLeah G.
5 star rating Professional Pet Nanny has been amazing! When I first inquired over the phone they answered all my questions and got me set up with our nanny right away. Our nanny is wonderful and so flexible... read more - 10/31/2017 
Taylor S. AvatarTaylor S.
5 star rating I've been using Professional Pet Nanny since I moved to Cincinnati over two years ago. They are really great and always reliable. Kyle and Tyler make sure that the dog walkers are well trained and... read more - 10/30/2017 
Angie's List User
amazing! We hire our nanny for 2-3 days during the week and it is a great feeling to know that we can count on her. She is very flexible with the schedule if we need... read more - 10/30/2017 
Caleb H. AvatarCaleb H.
5 star rating Buddy loves his dog walker Sam. He seems to miss her when we gave the week off. I recommend this service highly. - 10/30/2017 
Great. The dog walker is very courteous and professional. Our dog seems happy when we return home and even seems a little depressed when he goes without seeing his dog walker
for a while. - 10/29/2017 
Colin B. AvatarColin B.
5 star rating My wife and I are relatively new to Cincinnati and we were so relieved to find a reliable and affordable service to feed our cat when we are out of town. Professional Pet Nanny have... read more - 10/28/2017 
Savannah M. AvatarSavannah M.
5 star rating I had a pet sitter come to my home for 2 weeks to watch my 2 cats while I was out of the country. I loved receiving pictures and daily updates about my babies; it... read more - 10/25/2017 
Erica H. AvatarErica H.
5 star rating Such an incredible service. The Prof. Pet Nanny sent us pupdates and pics while we were gone. They took our dogs out, for a walk, fed and played with them. They also did our dishes... read more - 10/22/2017 
Great! The nanny even makes sure to play with everybody and sent daily pics as updates! - 10/21/2017 
Charlene M. AvatarCharlene M.
5 star rating We have entrusted the care of our cats with PPN for several years now. We are very satisfied with the care provided and recommend them to anyone. Kyle goes above and beyond to make sure... read more - 10/15/2017 
While we were away, Kyle sent us daily texts with pictures of our pets and notes about how things were going. When we arrived home, the house was clean, and our pets seemed well cared... read more - 8/05/2017 
Troy H. AvatarTroy H.
5 star rating Great Experience!! Kyle was the absolute best. We went away on a 4 day vacation and left our cat behind. Not only did she follow our instruction for care, but she also ran our dish... read more - 4/21/2017 
Jay S. AvatarJay S.
5 star rating My husband and I have been using Professional Pet Nanny for several years now and they're fantastic! We travel frequently and use PPN to care for our two Australian Labradoodles. Tyler is our main care... read more - 2/27/2017 
Asha Hosangadi AvatarAsha Hosangadi
LOVE Professional Pet Nanny! Kyle and her team are so wonderful with my cats. Before hearing about PPN, I felt awful when I'd have to leave my 2 cats for longer than a couple days... read more - 11/14/2016 
Brandi Burgun AvatarBrandi Burgun
We hired Professional Pet Nanny a few years ago since all of our family was going with us on a trip - we needed a pet sitter. We had never had anyone but family do... read more - 11/14/2016 
D P AvatarD P
Our experience was a wonderful one with this service. We usually take all of our pets with us on vacations, but were unable to this time. We were worried about having someone come into our... read more - 11/14/2016 
Laurel Brown AvatarLaurel Brown
We have hired Professional Pet Nanny for several years now, to care for our dear "fur child" while we travel, sometimes for as much as six weeks at a time. We have been pleased with... read more - 11/14/2016 
Nicki Beckett AvatarNicki Beckett
Kyle and her team have been looking after my cats when I go on long vacations for about four years now. I have had three different nannies (including Kyle) depending on where I have lived.... read more - 11/14/2016 
Matias Oyarzun AvatarMatias Oyarzun
Professional Pet Nanny (PPN) is a life saver! I travel quite often for work and having to leave my two furballs is a terrible source of anxiety for me. PPN provides me with something invaluable:... read more - 11/14/2016 
S E AvatarS E
We've used various Professional Pet Nanny services since 2009: puppy program, work day dog walking, pet sitting and yard breaks. Kyle and her staff are punctual, flexible, caring and courteous. Scheduling services is quick, easy... read more - 11/14/2016 
Charles Ratz AvatarCharles Ratz
We have used Professional Pet Nanny for our two cats twice this year. They spend plenty of time with each of them and play appropriately for their ages - the text photos always show happy... read more - 11/14/2016 
Sheenu Goel AvatarSheenu Goel
Pet nanny has been wonderful and a saving grace for us as we work so much. They leave a note daily so you know how your doggy did and are sweer enough to clean up... read more - 11/14/2016 
Emily Raterman AvatarEmily Raterman
Great Dog Walking Service!! Reliable, safe and reasonable pricing! Our family is thankful to have such a wonderful service avaliable to care for our pup during the work day. - 11/14/2016 
Rachel Smith AvatarRachel Smith
We have a bearded dragon, turtle and rabbit. We know that they will be well cared for while we are away. - 11/14/2016 
La'Keyta H. AvatarLa'Keyta H.
5 star rating I can not express how much this service has helped my family. Buddy loves Sam the lady who has been walking him for almost two years. I typically get dog walking services anywhere from 2-5... read more - 11/08/2016 
Katie R. AvatarKatie R.
5 star rating Pet nanny is the only service we would trust to take care of our cat. They are so great with her, and I honestly think our cat misses them whenever we come home from vacation.... read more - 11/08/2016 
We regularly order pet sitting services from Professional Pet Nanny to check on our cats. Kyle and Tyler always do a great job-in addition to taking care of the cats, they also clean up the... read more - 11/06/2016 
Would definitely recommend. Had peace of mind that animals were being properly cared for, texts were clear, pictures fun. Returning home to clean cages and yard a real treat.
Description of work:
Experience was excellent! Called last...
read more - 11/02/2016 
Very well—the puppy was glad to have us home but everything seemed to go smoothly! - 10/31/2016 
We have used Professional Pet Nanny many times, always with great results. Recently we were going on an outing and would be gone 10 hours. A couple of days beforehand, I scheduled a pet-sitting appointment... read more - 10/30/2016 
Concetta F. AvatarConcetta F.
5 star rating Professional Pet Nanny has been a great partner I keeping my dog active and amused while I am at work. I use the dog walking services every day I am at work. Jessie (our dog... read more - 10/30/2016 
Angie's List User
They are wonderful! My dog seems to really love her walks, and the team is always so responsive and helpful even with last minute reservations. Gretchen (who walks my dog) is great and sends me... read more - 10/29/2016 
Angie's List User
The service has always been fantastic. The pet nannies text me with updates and pictures of my kittens playing, and go above and beyond. - 10/23/2016 
Every sitter we've ever had has been wonderful. They are always super friendly and very responsive. They keep us in the loop by sending us pictures with updates after every visit. We get a report... read more - 10/22/2016 
Angie's List User
Jessie is awesome. She takes Sofie out for a walk and then brings her back for some TLC and treats. Sofie is shy and timid - Jessie took that into consideration and now her and... read more - 10/20/2016 
Angie's List User
The Pet Nanny is top notch! We have used them a few times while traveling and her care and well being of my pets was exceptional. We even had a senior pet who was ill... read more - 10/18/2016 
Angie's List User
They are great! The cats are in good hands. The nanny also takes in the mail, deals with garbage, checks house overall - 10/17/2016 
Angie's List User
Love Love Love them....I feel so comfortable knowing they are there to take care of my babies. They text me pictures which really gives me added confidence. They always keep the house clean...wash up after... read more - 10/16/2016 
Angie's List User
Wonderful! - 10/14/2016 
Angie's List User
We are able to travel and not worry about either our cats or our home. It's an amazing comfort to know that Kyle and Tyler treat our home and cats as they would their own.... read more - 10/13/2016 
Angie's List User
Professional Pet Nanny does a great job! In addition to the basics (feeding, litter box, etc.) she brings the best cat toys and plays with our cat, then sends photos after each visit. She brings... read more - 10/12/2016 
Angie's List User
Cared for our cats in our home while we were on vacation. I especially liked the daily pictures of our kitties they sent me. - 4/06/2016 
Angie's List User
We have used Professional Pet Nanny to check in on our cats for many years now and have been very satisfied with the attention and care given to our pets while we are away. Recently,... read more - 1/20/2016 
Kathy Sheffield AvatarKathy Sheffield
I have been using Professional Pet Nanny since late 2008/early 2009. They take care of my two small dogs. I typically schedule once or twice a day visits. I have been impressed with their service... read more - 11/14/2015 
Whitney Maxson AvatarWhitney Maxson
We have use Professional Pet Nanny, Inc. consistently since moving to two 4 years ago. We started with two elderly dogs who have since passed on and now have two young boxers. Pet Nanny has... read more - 11/14/2015 
Kim Keefe AvatarKim Keefe
I chose this service when I moved to NKY almost 3 years ago. I used to travel very frequently for work and had a service I used when I lived east of Cincinnati that I... read more - 11/14/2015 
jay shatz Avatarjay shatz
We have used Professional Pet Nanny for the past three years and highly recommend them. Tyler and Kyle have both been pet sitters for our dogs Cooper and Gus at different times and we have... read more - 11/14/2015 
Sue Windgassen AvatarSue Windgassen
We hired Professional Pet Nanny to visit and play with our 7-month-old kitten Zip while we vacationed in Florida this past winter. Tyler came twice a day to feed, give fresh water, scoop the litter... read more - 11/14/2015 
La'Keyta Hoffmann AvatarLa'Keyta Hoffmann
Due to my work schedule which can be pretty hectic most of the time my husband and I searched for a dog sitter in our area. It seemed overwhelming with being so many to choose... read more - 11/14/2015 
Timothy Dustin AvatarTimothy Dustin
We love Professional Pet Nanny! We have required their services several times, and every time has been outstanding for us, but even moreso for our cats. When we get home, all three of our cats... read more - 11/14/2015 
Abigail Clark AvatarAbigail Clark
I hired Professional Pet Nanny to take care of my puppy Pippa in the afternoons during my long 10 hour days at work. I selected the puppy program where they take Pippa on a walk... read more - 11/14/2015 
Beth Bruner AvatarBeth Bruner
Professional Pet Nanny is very professional and provides the best care for our dogs. We use PPN for dog walks on an irregular basis, because I work from home and travel every once in a... read more - 11/14/2015 
Amanda Byrd AvatarAmanda Byrd
My actual dog walker, Sam, is fantastic. She's very sweet and always quick to respond to any requests. She's been very flexible if I need to skip a day or if I need her to... read more - 11/14/2015 
Joe Lucca AvatarJoe Lucca
We wouldn't trust anybody but PPN (not even you mom - sorry) with our beloved cats. Kyle and Tyler and team are courteous, professional, efficient - and as you will see - they really love... read more - 11/14/2015 
Brigid Hayes AvatarBrigid Hayes
Kyle and her team are reliable, trustworthy, and do a great job caring for my cat when I travel. My cat used to be so stressed when I boarded him at a vet for my... read more - 11/14/2015 
Laura Nelson AvatarLaura Nelson
My husband and I have used Professional Pet Nanny over the last couple years to look after our cats as we visited family out of state and went on vacation. We appreciated the professionalism and... read more - 11/14/2015 
Shelley Goldstein AvatarShelley Goldstein
I have been using PPN and Kyle for 9 years. She is excellent and completely reliable. You can trust your pets and your home with her completely. She genuinely cares about animals and treats them... read more - 11/14/2015 
Beth Dobbie AvatarBeth Dobbie
Love Professional Pet Nanny! Our nanny Whitney is friendly and reliable. We have used her several times while out of town. Our cat was so lonely while we were out of town for the weekend,... read more - 11/14/2015 
Justin Lank AvatarJustin Lank
We used Professional Pet Nanny, Inc. to watch our indoor/outdoor cats while away for a weekend. The level of service was incredible with great communication to boot. We received daily updates on our critters to... read more - 11/14/2015 
Will Jamison AvatarWill Jamison
This was our first experience dealing with any Pet services, and wow were we blown away by the great customer service. These guys went above and beyond taking care of our cats. We could not... read more - 11/14/2015 
Tammie Lyon AvatarTammie Lyon
Words cannot describe the level of service from The Professional Pet Nanny! I have found my forever sitter. They were willing to take us on last minute for extended travel for my two dogs. They... read more - 11/14/2015 
Christine Furgason AvatarChristine Furgason
The dog-walking service has worked out really well for my husband and I as we juggle our busy work schedules. Our dog-walker is very flexible, and I text her on a weekly basis telling her... read more - 11/14/2015 
Sandy Georgie AvatarSandy Georgie
My cats are SO HAPPY! It's amazing what a different Professional Pet Nanny makes. I have been using them for years for both short and long trips away. My 2 cats are noticeably happier when... read more - 11/14/2015 
Mark P AvatarMark P
Professional Pet Nanny is the only service I use for my dog Rufio. Not only are they great with keeping you updated with what time they will get there they also keep a dog journal... read more - 11/14/2015 
Amanda Segall AvatarAmanda Segall
We were in a bind when we contacted PPN looking for a sitter. Kyle was very accommodating and came right over to meet us. When we were expecting our daughter, PPN was 'on call' too... read more - 11/14/2015 
Susan H. AvatarSusan H.
I have used Professional Pet Nanny for years and couldn't be happier. They watch my cats when I travel and it makes being away from home much less stressful knowing they are so well cared... read more - 11/14/2015 
Charlene McDonald AvatarCharlene McDonald
Kyle was very caring and responsive to our three cats' needs. Sammy has multiple health issues and Kyle kept me updated on her status, took her to the vet and was able to provide SQ... read more - 11/14/2015 
Ann Turner AvatarAnn Turner
I've been using Professional Pet Nanny services for a number of years and have only had good experiences. I particularly appreciate the day-to-day notes my pet care provider leaves for me. It gives me a... read more - 11/14/2015 
Oren Pollak AvatarOren Pollak
Professional Pet Nanny has taken care of 1 or 2 cats for me, for lengths of anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks and sometimes with very short notice. The sitter does everything asked (and... read more - 11/14/2015 
Stephanie Osborn AvatarStephanie Osborn
Professional Pet Nanny did a great job taking care of my pet. I always use their service. They are considerate, professional, and I know that they will always take care of my pet! - 11/14/2015 
Angie's List User
Kyle came the week before my trip to get acquainted with Cleo. My cat tends to be very shy around strangers and she hid most of the time Kyle was there. While I was gone,... read more - 11/02/2015 
Angie's List User
Kyle and Toby have been lifesavers for me. For years, they have walked my 85+ year old mother's dog twice a day every day. The only thing that has ever kept them from showing up... read more - 10/31/2015 
Angie's List User
Kyle and her husband Tyler really care about my dogs, which is a non-negotiable when hiring a pet sitter. I've had several pet nannies through the years, and Kyle always make sure they are responsible,... read more - 10/30/2015 
Angie's List User
I cannot say enough good about our pet nanny, Sam, and Professional Pet Nanny. Sam is a job - she is intuitive with animals and my dog loved her immediately. He had an ACL tear... read more - 10/28/2015 
Angie's List User
We have been using the Professional Pet Nanny for over a year and have been very happy with their service. Our two cats have different diets and they make sure that the cats eat their... read more - 10/23/2015 
Angie's List User
I chose this service when I moved to NKY almost 3 years ago. I used to travel very frequently for work and had a service I used when I lived east of Cincinnati that I... read more - 10/22/2015 
Angie's List User
I've been using Kyle for a few years now, ever since my friend who used to watch my cat moved. She has always done a great job, my last cat passed away last May and... read more - 10/21/2015 
Angie's List User
Liz is a terrific Nanny who cares for my pets with kindness and attentiveness. She left a detailed daily log and was thoughtful to give the pets treats, hugs, and attention such that they were... read more - 10/19/2015 
Angie's List User
This is the 4th time we used Professional Pet Nanny to pet sit for our fur family. They have always provided outstanding service, and just as important they provide regular communication in the form of... read more - 6/24/2015 
Angie's List User
Pet Nannies Kyle and Angela stayed overnight at my house to take care of two dogs while I was traveling abroad for three weeks. They did a wonderful job taking care of the dogs and... read more - 4/29/2015 
Sweetpea9225 AvatarSweetpea9225
I've been using Professional Nanny services for for over a year now and highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for professional and loving care for their pets. My Pet Nanny, Allie, visits... read more - 11/14/2014 
Grace S AvatarGrace S
Professional Pet Nanny is simply the best pet caregiver in the Cincinnati Area! The nanny for my cat is absolutely wonderful! My cat loves her and she takes care of them the same way I... read more - 11/14/2014 
Jim Rothi AvatarJim Rothi
Because Professional Pet Nanny gave us peace of mind that our cats were well taken care of, we were able to REALLY enjoy our vacation worry-free. Alli came for an initial in-home visit to meet... read more - 11/14/2014 
Deborah C AvatarDeborah C
Professional Pet Nanny has come to our home to care for our cats for over 5 years now. I've never had a negative experience regarding the cats, and I've been very pleased with their care... read more - 11/14/2014 
Stephanie B. AvatarStephanie B.
Allie has been our pet nanny for close to a year now. She takes great care of our dog and is very dependable. She evens sends text messages updating me on how he does on... read more - 11/14/2014 
Kevin Ruzich AvatarKevin Ruzich
We have been using them for a good while now. Allie is the best, she is dependable and trust worthy. She treats our dogs well and the pups love her for it. She is a... read more - 11/14/2014 
Angie's List User
I could not be more pleased with the job that Kyle did with Aslan while I was on vacation for a week. Aslan is almost 17 years old and he has to take two pills... read more - 5/04/2014 
Angie's List User
Our cat Pete is used to lots of attention. He has lost quite a bit of weight because of health problems, so his eating and drinking enough was very important to me. He prefers to... read more - 4/07/2014 
Angie's List User
Our pet nanny, Allie, came over before we went away. We went over details of the visit. She came twice a day and left us notes on the cats (report card) for us when we... read more - 3/09/2014 
Angie's List User
We have used this service since 2007 and never had a complaint.
Description of work:
In the last instance, we were gone for about 10 days. They come twice a day when we are away and the...
read more - 2/27/2014 
Jordan Denton AvatarJordan Denton
We have been using Professional Pet Nanny for almost 2 years. When we first started using the service, I was impressed that Kyle came to meet me in person, look at my house, suggest fun... read more - 11/14/2013 
Veronica Kehoss AvatarVeronica Kehoss
I have been very pleased with the Professional Pet Nanny services and have been using them frequently for about a year to watch my cat when I go out of town. I feel comfortable giving... read more - 11/14/2013 
Jim Durig AvatarJim Durig
I've used Professional Pet Nanny services for several years and have nothing but great experiences. Kyle is a true animal lover and is good at what she does, even with pets who take some time... read more - 11/14/2013 
Sherrie Farwick AvatarSherrie Farwick
I'm so glad Cincinnati has a place like Professional Pet Nanny in the area. I was in need of someone to look after my furry babies and they exceeded my expectations. I received regular emails... read more - 11/14/2013 
Angie's List User
They did a very good job. The sitter came to my house for an introductory visit within 2 days of the call. We worked-out the arrangements. When I returned, all pets were in good shape.... read more - 9/25/2013 
Angie's List User
They were awesome. They love our dog. We still use them. - 9/15/2013 
Angie's List User
We wanted advice on petsitting for an upcoming trip so we called this company and were given excellent advice. While we don't need to use their services on this occasion, we will definitely be using... read more - 8/31/2013 
Angie's List User
(June 2013) We love PPN! We met with Kyle for an initial consultation, we talked, she toured our house, received details on care, signed documents (e.g. emergency contact information), and she introduced herself to our... read more - 7/28/2013 
Angie's List User
It didn't start well she forgot we had an alarm, so we had ADT calling us while we were out of town. The police eventually were called as well. After that everything went well. She... read more - 7/15/2013 
Angie's List User
I found this company via Angie's List and called for the initial appointment. After a few days of phone tag, Kyle and I were able to speak and make an appointment for her to come... read more - 3/17/2013 
Angie's List User
We have been using Professional Pet Nanny for approximately 10 years. Kyle and her staff have always been--and continue to be--attentive and responsive to our ever-changing travel plans and, more importantly, to the loving care... read more - 11/16/2012 
Donna O AvatarDonna O
I have used Professional Pet Nanny on four different occassions and when I arrive home my 3 dogs act as though my absence was not a big deal. They are calm and happy and it... read more - 11/14/2012 
Lauren Capozza AvatarLauren Capozza
We love pet nanny! We really like that we can schedule and pay for our dog walks online. Our pet nanny, jamie, is so sweet and professional. She leaves a personalized note every time she... read more - 11/14/2012 
Mary Henkener AvatarMary Henkener
I used Professionial Pet Nanny for the 1st time in November with my 2 older dogs. Everything went perfectly. The in-home evaluation went fine and Kyle was very thoughtful about recommendations & security. I will... read more - 11/14/2012 
Angie's List User
Tyler did everything as advertised and followed our instructions. Our cat needed particular attention because she is very shy and easily traumatized, and her companion cat was in the hospital. We received texts and emails... read more - 11/08/2012 
Angie's List User
I've been using Professional Pet Nanny for 4 years. I have two small dogs -- a shih-tzu and a yorkie-poo. I previously used a pet resort but one of my dogs became seriously ill when... read more - 11/07/2012 
Angie's List User
We've had a great experience with Kyle (owner) and Erin, our specific cat sitter. Our cats always seem happy when we get back, and it's clear that the sitter has spent a fair bit of... read more - 11/06/2012 
Angie's List User
We hired Kyle as our pet nanny after reading the reviews and speaking with her directly. In the past we always had family, friends or neighbors stop by to feed and play with our cat,... read more - 10/03/2012 
Angie's List User
As a returning customer, the requested service was set up by email which is very easy to do. You are sent a confirmation of the dates and time you would like the service performed so... read more - 5/09/2012 
Angie's List User
We have been using Professional Pet Nanny for 5 years. We last used them for 3 days in March. We have two cats and they stop by every day when we are out-of-town. They feed... read more - 4/03/2012 
Angie's List User
When you go away and leave your pet you want someone completely dedicated to your pet, who would basically go to any length to care for your pet. That is what you get with Kyle... read more - 12/07/2010 
Angie's List User
I have been using her service for a while. She is really good with our cat. She is very personable and very attentive. She has an online facility where we can make appointments with her... read more - 10/26/2009 
Angie's List User
It has always been an exceptional experience. When we return they are happy, well fed, and their needs are cared for. Clean litter, fresh water. Everything! - 10/05/2009 
Angie's List User
I have a dedicated pet nanny. I have been very pleased with their service. They take great care of my dogs. They play with them, walk them, and make sure they have food and water.... read more - 10/02/2009 
Angie's List User
As usual, it was great. We even received photos of our cats while we were away so we could see they were happy and healthy. The house was well taken care of, secure, and it... read more - 3/12/2009 
Angie's List User
Kyle and her crew are FANTASTIC! My two cats have never been so content and happy when I'm away. Kyle not only takes care of their food and water, but plays with them. What a... read more - 1/16/2009 
Angie's List User
Contacting the service was initially time-consuming and frustrating, because the website was confusing and not user-friendly. However, all our contacts with Kathy, our nanny, have been direct and easy. She has even been able to... read more - 12/23/2008 
Angie's List User
Pet sitting, including medication administration while on vacation for 2 1/2 days. Great! - 12/17/2008 
Angie's List User
It went wonderfully as it always does. We were having trouble with a couple of our cats not getting along. Kyle has helped us so much in so many ways to improve this situation. She... read more - 12/16/2008 
Angie's List User
I can't say enough fabulous things about this service. Stop what you are doing and hire them. I never thought twice about the dogs, they were happy and content when we got home, the house... read more - 2/19/2008 
Angie's List User
Kyle is superb. She gives me updates as to how things are going while I am gone. She takes excellent care of my cat and my house. I couldn't ask for a better pet sitter. - 11/11/2007 
Angie's List User
It was the best ever pet-sitting experience in more than thirty years. We had total confidence in Kyle who is super-qualified. She loves animals. Our Maine Coon cat adored her, and he usually hides when... read more - 10/25/2007 
Angie's List User
I used Kyle and Tyler at Professional Pet Nanny for about 5 years. I recently just moved to Louisville and left Cincy and truthfully tried NOT to move as I didn't want to give Kyle... read more - 9/05/2007 
Angie's List User
Job 1: This company's service is amazing! They are professional yet friendly, and take extremely good care of our pets for a very affordable rate. Furthermore, with their service, someone visits our house every day,... read more - 7/17/2007 
Angie's List User
The lady who ran the business, Kyle, did a good job. Took pictures of the dog and played with him. - 5/02/2007 
Angie's List User
Fantastically! I am so pleased with the outcome. I am going out of town again and have already made arrangements for them to take care of my dog again. I will always call on them... read more - 2/11/2007 
Angie's List User
They were great. There were no problems. They left daily updates. - 10/27/2006 
Angie's List User
So far it has been excellent. Tara comes, lets the dogs out, gives them fresh water and love. - 10/15/2006 
Angie's List User
This service was beyond our expectations! The diary and pictures helped us feel that the animals were well cared for and Sandra's professionalism was very appreciated. When we came home our dogs greeted us as... read more - 10/11/2006 
Angie's List User
The Pet Nanny was wonderful. She was extremely thorough in her initial consultation and we found our kitties and our home in excellent condition upon our return. She is obviously very dedicated and did an... read more - 10/04/2006 
Angie's List User
Kyle is great! I know our cats are in good care when we are out of town. She comes by a couple of times a day to check on the cats and spend time with... read more - 10/03/2006 
Angie's List User
Kyle is very personable, professional and loves the animals. She was thorough in setting up our terms and taking care of our "babies" all twelve of them! - 10/01/2006 
Angie's List User
She fed him and played with him. She kept his water and litter box clean. She also took our trash out for us. She is the third one we have tried and we would definitely... read more - 6/19/2006 
Angie's List User
Kyle was wonderful. She told me what to do to keep the house safe as well as the best environment for the dogs while we were away. She made me feel 100% comfortable & I... read more - 2/19/2006 
Angie's List User
Both Tyler and Kyle are fantastic! I've been using dogwalkers for 7 years and they are by far the best! Their prices are reasonable and they are very good with last minute schedule changes. I... read more - 1/28/2006 
Angie's List User
The experience was nothing short of excellent in every way. Our cats did not do well at all when we boarded them, they would not eat. This was our first try at something different, and... read more - 12/28/2005 
Angie's List User
I highly recommend Professional Pet Nanny. Kyle came to my house to meet my dogs before I left. She took pictures of them while I was gone and left detailed notes about each visit. When... read more - 12/11/2005 
Angie's List User
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Angie's List User
Angie's List User
VERY RELIABLE. - 4/11/2005 
Angie's List User
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