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Dog Walking


Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm

Rates per Walk

Never per Pet!

Walks per Week Rate per Walk
Dog Walk Base Rate “As Needed” $14
5x per Week “Discounted” $13
Yard Break “Let-Out” $13
Exercise, Play & Clean  “Puppy Program” $15
Weekdays Early Am/Pm   “Before 10am/After 4pm” $16
Weekend Walks  “Weekend at work” $17

All Dogs will be spayed & neutered by 6 months of age  and current with prescription Flea Prevention program 12 month per year to confirm your reservation.


Dog Walks Include:

Meet our Dog Walk Mgr & Dog Walker

Enjoy same route each Dog Walk

Walk only YOUR Dogs

24/7 On-Line Reservations

Convenient Same Day Needs

30 Minute Visit with Paperwork, Fresh Water & Treat
Evenings & Weekends available upon request

Discounts & Monthly (retro) Invoicing

Credit Card payments