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Fiona Pet Care

Do we offer hippopotamus care?     When asked if we offer hippopotamus care, the short answer is YES! We often smile to ourselves when remembering the many calls our Office has received through our 19+ years providing Pet Sitting services in Greater Cincinnati & N Kentucky. Some callers have been from young children. Some of … Continue Reading

Pets Love Cincinnati & NKY!

NATIONAL ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER APPRECIATION WEEK April 8th – 14th is National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week. It’s time to thank our hard-working Animal Control Officers for their loyal dedication. They are dedicated to offer services in Cincinnati 24/7 to help Greater Cincinnati. Greater Cincinnati & N. Kentucky benefits immensely from the many aspects our … Continue Reading

American Diabetes Assoc Alert Day 3/26/19

Diabetic Pets at Home   We’ve seen our share of diabetic pets when providing Pet Sitting over the past 19 years in homes in Cincinnati & N. Kentucky. Pet Parents often wonder if they should travel when they see changes in their pets. The short answer is yes, provided your pet is stable and has … Continue Reading

Taking the Stress Out of Nail Trimming

Take the Stress Out of Nail Trimming! There always comes that dreaded time for any pet owner: Nail Trimming. Though your pet’s nails will gradually wear down over time with activity and scratching, chances are it is not enough, and their nails will still need trimmed. Nail trimming is typically a source of stress and … Continue Reading

Book Pet Sitting Today!

When do you need to Book Home & Pet Care services with Professional Pet Nanny? Feeling stressed when driving to Drop-off and Pick-up your Pets at the Kennel, Puppy Care, Doggy Day Care or Pet Resort when you travel? Book Pet Sitting today! Frustrated from asking Family, Friends and Neighbors to help with Pet Care … Continue Reading

What does your pet teach you?

Inspirational Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Pet Pets can boost your health and teach you important and valuable life lessons. Pets are good at looking after themselves and doing whatever they need to feel good. This is something we should learn from them and implement into our own lives. Here are some life … Continue Reading

Adding a new dog to your pack

Tips On Adding A New Dog To Your Pack The number one rule to adding a new dog to your pack is to do it gradually. The worst mistake that people make is to just bring the dog into the house. To the dog that is already there this is an intrusion of his/her territory. … Continue Reading

Leader of the pack

Are You The Leader Of The Pack? Dogs are pack animals, it is so very important that you establish the correct pecking order for your dog. If it is not established early your dog will establish his own pecking order which can cause problems for your family. It is wonderful to be affectionate with your … Continue Reading

Spring plants that can be deadly to your pets

Spring Flowers That Can Be Deadly To Your Pets Make your yard and garden safe for your pets by steering clear of these 5 common spring plants. 1. Tulips and Hyacinths  The bulbs of these two plants are toxic, not the leaves or flowers. Symptoms of poisoning can include: Mouth and esophagus irritation. Drooling Vomiting Diarrhea Increase … Continue Reading

Dangers of kitty litter

Dangers of kitty litter Although clumping kitty litter is a convenience for cat parents, it is very toxic to your kitty. One of the toxic ingredients in kitty litter is Silica. Prolonged exposure to silica dust can cause severe health risks to both animals and humans. Inhalation of silica dust can cause irritation, permanent damage of the … Continue Reading