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Pet Sitting

  • Loving Care
  • Comforting & Dependable
  • Responsible

Dog Walking

  • Reliable
  • Professional & Timely
  • Flexible Scheduling

Overnight Pet Sitting

  • Loving Care
  • Comforting & Dependable
  • Responsible

Dog Walking

Meet your regular Dog Walker before services begin. Reserve your regular, “as needed” or same-day Dog Walk needs.

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Pet Sitting

Schedule an interview to meet your Pet Nanny before departure. Introduce your Pets in your home.

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Overnight Pet Sitting

Meet your Pet Nanny before services begin. Reserve a check-in time in the afternoon or evening, for an overnight stay in your home.

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Online Booking is Accurate, Simple & Convenient Reserve Home & Pet Care

Reserving services for Home & Pet Care is easy and convenient. If you are new with us, you may make a reservation to meet our Pet Nanny before services begin. Professional Pet Nanny, Inc., has been a service leader, in Greater Cincinnati and N. Kentucky for almost 2 decades. We conveniently offer services 365 days & 24/7 On-Line reservations. Our Pet Parents enjoy flexability for planning long-term Home & Pet Care needs as well as quick “to-the-minute” needs. Once you have met our “Pet Play Nanny”, we will confirm your reservation for Dog Walking, Pet Sitting or Overnight Pet Sitting in your home. You will meet our Pet Care service professional & your reservation will be confirmed. Amend or cancel your reservation before services begin. Add additional services while away at work or while you travel. Our Office is available to answer your call with questions. Book your gratis Consultation today!

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Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to provide the happiness and loving care of your pet family while you are away. Professional pet sitting in your home provides:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety by leaving pets in their home environment.
  • Loving care, attention and exercise.
  • Pets continue to follow their normal routine regarding diet and exercise.
  • Convenience for you and does not cause your pets traumatization due to travel to a boarding facility.
  • Your pets are not exposed to sicknesses of other pets.

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Loving Pet Nanny

Our goal is to provide the happiness and loving care of your pet family while you are away. Professional pet sitting in your home provides:

Services Offered

  • Visit to your apartment, condo or house.
  • Pet Meals cooked, chopped, mixed & served;
  • Feeding monitored for stealers & shyness
  • Most Medication Administration;
  • Feline Subcutaneous Fluids, Shots & Pills
  • Neighborhood Dog Walking
  • Play Therapy
  • Clean-up of Pet Area
  • Plant, package, mail & newspaper care.
  • Crime Deterrent & Alarm System
  • Veterinarian Visits
  • Updates while Traveling
  • Overnight stays
  • Daily Diary left in your home with each visit.
  • Monthly Dog Walking Service while at Work
  • 24/7 Reservation System On-line

Benefits to You!

  • Keep your Pet(s) Safe at Home in their familiar surroundings.
  • Never need to impose on your Neighbors, Family or Friends.
  • Your Home is looked after with our Crime-Deterrent services.
  • Convenient and worry-free 24 hour Check-out, Check-in service.
  • Return safely home at any time of Day or Night with your Pet(s) waiting happy and content.

Our Service Goal

Our goal is to offer convenience, comfort & trust as we provide Home and Pet Care while you are away. Upon arrival home find your Pets waiting patiently for YOU. Outstanding communication is key before you depart and while traveling to assure successful service to your home.

Home & Pet Care Features:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety by leaving pets in their home environment
  • Loving care, attention and exercise
  • Pets continue to follow their normal routine regarding diet and exercise
  • Convenience for you by eliminating stress due to travel to and from the Kennel
  • Your Pets in your home are not exposed to disease & sicknesses of other pets
  • Arrive Home to Pet(s) waiting happy and content

Call for Pet Sitting Today!

Professional Pet Nanny, Inc. has serviced Greater Cincinnati and N. Kentucky for nearly two decades. We provide Home & Pet Care 365 days per year including all holidays. We are a fully bonded & insured, Pet CPR & First-Aid Certified, BBB Accredited A+, recipient Angie’s List Super Service Award for 10 years & Voted “Best of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Magazine. Schedule an appointment to meet a loving Pet Nanny near you. Book your reservation today!

Angie’s List Super Service Award 10 Years!

We are honored to announce that Professional Pet Nanny, Inc. has been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award again this year. This is our 10th year to receive this award with 5% of service professionals on Angie’s List achieving this recognition. Thank you Pet Parents! We appreciate your candid review of our services. We look forward to offering successful Home & Pet Care services while at work and while you travel. You return to warm hearts & smiling eyes waiting at home!

Smart Puppy Plan®

Stop leaving work mid-day during lunch to provide a meal & potty break for your puppy! New Pet Parents can now relax with training their puppys’ bladder. We offer the Smart Puppy Plan® to help with puppy care that includes reinforcing your exact wishes for bladder training & to support your exact meal schedule.

Our Smart Puppy Plan® offers a two (2) part approach for puppy care in your home. We arrive at the assigned time for puppy care during your busy workday. Your Pet Nanny first offers yard time for immediate elimination. Inside your puppy is fed & hydrated then Play Therapy begins! Second, your puppy goes out again for elimination one final time. The loving results are documented with notes on your counter. You may also request a text with updates.

Meet your Pet Nanny today. Reserve a gratis consultation to introduce your puppy to discuss your Pet Care routine. We offer 1- 2 visits during your busy workday to meet your needs. Regular weekly, monthly or “as needed” services can be reserved after your initial consultation.

Our service rates vary according to the time needed for your puppy for our Smart Puppy Plan®. Start then graduate your puppy at any time to our daily discounted rate. The Office will work closely with you to maximize discounts for visits needed during the tender 10 week to 3 month age of your pup. We conveniently invoice monthly and accept credit card payments. Our reservation system is available 24/7. Make your reservation to meet our Pet Play Nanny® today!

Play Pet Nanny Play!

The concept of Pet Sitting for Home for Pet Care is often thought of as “scoop, hydrate and feed” with your Pets. Our Pet Nanny takes Pet Sitting to a new level. When our Pet Play Nanny® cares for your pets, play therapy is considered the primary aspect for our Pet Care services we offer with each visit to your home.

We find most Pets want to “go on vacation” and have fun too! They want to stay at home in their familiar surroundings while you are away and play. Cats and Dogs enjoy exercise with their Pet Play Nanny®. Dogs enjoy going for walks. Energizing play with Cats and Kittens is important to each visit too. This may include feather chase, leaps and jumps to abate separation anxiety. We include Birds, Reptiles, Rodents & Geriatric Pets in our fun sessions with touch therapy too!

Comfort for trips will change. Preparing for your trip may have been hard on your Pets in the past! There may have been times when bringing out luggage, then packing & zipping-up luggage causes stress for your Pets. Separation anxiety for some, while you are away, may have caused nervous chewing & destruction, food stealing, feather picking, excessive hairballs or loss of appetite. While away, your “kids” come to expect TLC and Play with each visit. Upon arrival home, Pet Parents report their pets relaxed and content.

Our Pet Play Nanny® will personally meet with you & your pets before services begin. We listen carefully to help develop a Home & Pet Care plan for play with your pets along with care for your home. Review your Pet’s favorite toys, exercise, treats, walking route and more with your Pet Nanny.

While you travel you will receive reports and pictures of our play sessions together. When you return home, notes are left on the counter of our loving results. You arrive home with your Pets relaxed, comfortable & happy. Our office works closely with you and our Pet Play Nanny ® to build a lasting relationship with your Pets. Resulting in a convenient, comforting, loving & comfortable vacation for all!

Emergency Pet Sitting

Do you dread the middle-of-the-night phone call? Do you foresee Home & Pet Care needs as you meet immediate family responsibilities? Could circumstances with an aging parent, grandparent or family-size be changing? Will you need a to-the-minute trip to the hospital? What sets us apart for pet care, is that we may start services immediately, provided we confirm your needs and know your pets from prior reservations with us. Your pets can now remain at home in their familiar sights-and-sounds awaiting your safe arrival home. A call to the office even after you have arrived to your destination can start services to your home. We will begin Pet Play Sitting® for an immediate family emergency at no cost to you up to three (3) visits per 24 months, including the holiday season. Rest assured, when the phone rings, your Pet Play Nanny® is a phone call away!

Free Pet Sitting!

Some cats never “graduate” to be adopted to their forever home from no-kill shelters. This old idea is changing daily! The Scratching Post Cat Shelter & Adoption Center is proud to celebrate 20+ years offering Cat Adoptions in Greater Cincinnati & N. Kentucky. One of the ways we “give back” as a Company, is to support Cat Adoptions through the Scratching Post Cat Shelter. Professional Pet Nanny, Inc. offers a free Pet Sitting reservation ($200 value) for anyone adopting any cat in residence at the Scratching Post for 3 or more years. Company restrictions apply. Call the Office for details.

The Scratching Post Cat Shelter and Adoption Center is a non-profit, no-kill cat shelter located near the Kenwood Mall with Montgomery Rd. & Plainfield Rd the closest major intersection. The adoption you make through The Scratching Post is a victorious event! You change the life of your adopted Pet forever. You add to your Pet family by complimenting the Pet personality you seek as your first Pet or with other Pets in your family.

The Shelter Volunteers work closely with you to match your family needs. The personality of their Feline residents at the shelter are well known to their Volunteer Team. Win/win for all! You encourage & support the Shelter Volunteers who give their time and talent sever days per week, 365 days per year as they witness successful Cat Adoptions happen!

TheThe Meow Mart next door benefits their shelter. They offer some of the best cat toy shopping in the area. Adoptions are located at 6948 Plainfield Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45236. Call 984-MEOW (6369) for holiday shopping hours. They are open on the weekends!

Install Sitting®

How many times have you delayed going to work or returned from work, during a “service window” for a professional to arrive to your home? Never miss work again! We now offer Install Sitting® when you require our Team member* to be in your home during a repair or installation in your home.

Our Install Sitting® Team Member* is fully bonded & insured while in your home. When you have a scheduled repair for your Washer, Dryer, Air Conditioner or install for Cable, Phone, Internet, Appliances, call for Install Sitting® for your home.

Schedule our Team Member* to be on site in your home for your scheduled repair or install professional who offers you a four – six hour window to arrive to your home. We offer Install Sitting® with our Team member* for service providers in your home 7 days per week. Schedule our Team member* to be in your home for trusted & convenient Install Sitting® today!

*We do not accept responsibility or liability for products & services provided by another Company or individual in your home.