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Pet Play Nanny®

About Pet Play Nanny

The traditional concept of pet sitting at home for pet care is often thought of as “scoop, hydrate and feed” for your pets. Our Pet Play Nanny® takes pet sitting to a new level. When a Pet Play Nanny® cares for your pets, play therapy is considered the primary aspect for pet care each visit to your home. We find most pets want to go on vacation too! They want to stay at home in their familiar sights-and-sounds while you are away and play. They want to have fun themselves. We discovered long ago that cats enjoy play with our Pet Play Nanny®. Dogs enjoy playing along with walks. Energizing & playing with all pets including, leaping & jumping, is one of the primary roles of your Pet Play Nanny®. We also include birds & reptiles in our fun & frolic sessions if they are playful.

There are times when bringing out luggage, then packing & zipping-up luggage causes stress for your pets. You have not yet departed and your pets are stressed. Separation anxiety for pets, while you are away, may cause nervous chewing & destruction, food stealing among others, feather picking, excessive hairballs or loss of appetite. Your Pet Play Nanny® will personally meet with you before departure. We listen carefully to help develop a care plan for play with your pets along with care for your home. Favorite toys and fun exercise at home, in the yard or on walks are reviewed.

When you return home, we receive reports of your pets relaxed, comfortable & happy. Our office works closely with you and your Pet Play Nanny® to build a lasting relationship with your pets. Resulting in a comfortable vacation for all!