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Book a Reservation – INTRO

From time to time Pet Parents have questions
when Booking a Reservation with our online system.

Easy step by step instructions
to Book a Reservation.

1 – Create Appointment name
2 – Select beginning date
3 – Select ending date
4 – Press continue

The next screen will bring you to a question:
“Will the schedule be the same for all days?”
The answer is NO
Click CONTINUE to advance each day
Select the service you want
select AM or PM VISIT for each first day
Then you click CONTINUE.

Once you have gone through all the days, it brings you to a screen that says it has been submitted. It shows you everything you have selected and a little blue notepad next to each visit. if you have any special instructions for individual bookings you can click on the notepad, type it in, and press save.

Feel free to call if you have any further questions at (513) 244-7373 x 801. We are always here to help you!