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Professional Pet Nanny and Kyle & her team are the best. Completely professional and caring. My husband and I wouldn’t dream of using any other company. Kyle has been there for us 100%. In fact, when our beloved cat was dying from kidney failure, I called on Kyle to help because my husband was on a business trip, and I had to have help with the sub-q fluids. I didn’t know who else to call; my vet didn’t do house calls and my cat was too stressed to handle the vet’s office. Kyle came through for me every day that my husband was gone (it took two people to hold my cat). When my husband came back from his trip, Kyle came over and talked us through the inevitable path we were going to travel with our very ill pet. She was wonderful and incredibly comforting. Plus, thanks to her resources and connections, we now do have a vet who does house calls. Much better than our former vet. When we’ve traveled over the past two years, our cats have had the best of care. I feel totally safe leaving our house and pets. We have a security system and escape artist cats, but everything is always perfect when we return. Professional Pet Nanny is superior in every way. Kyle has a “big heart” when it comes to animals (and people).