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April 8th – 14th is National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week. It’s time to thank our hard-working Animal Control Officers for their loyal dedication. They are dedicated to offer services in Cincinnati 24/7 to help Greater Cincinnati. Greater Cincinnati & N. Kentucky benefits immensely from the many aspects our service professionals offer pets, wildlife & animals in our community.

dog and cat on deck in sun

The duties of our Animal Control Officers / ACOs are vast and yet well defined. Most think of aggressive dogs biting our citizens in their neighborhood. Wildlife as well as Pets benefit from their daily mission.

Animal Control Officers Help:

Injured  –  Animals/Pets

Animals/Pets – Sick/Abnormal Behavior

Secured Pets – Cars, Yards, Homes

Hording/Overpopulation – Animals/Pets

Animal/Pets – Abuse/Puppy Mills

Animal/Pets Fighting (Organized & Neighborhood)

They ask the public to be mindful NOT to involve them in neighbor disputes. Fences make good neighbors, yet when pets are on both sides of an adjoining fence, pets can be aggressive. Planned and coordinated time, for pets in your yard, may be the solution when the neighbor’s pets are inside. Your ACO cannot handle neighborhood disputes for barking dogs!

The best way to honor your ACO is with respect. If you receive a citation for your loose dog, don’t dispute the truth. If your pet is picked up, pay the fine and change your behavior. We are all accountable to keeping our community safe and our pets healthy. Provide water and shelter for your pets outside. Keep your dog safe on a leash when away from home or inside your yard when home. Provide licenses for your dogs annually. 

Lastly, and most importantly Spay & neuter your pets to control animal population in your community. It takes time and space to raise litters of pets. There are organized forces in our communities to obtain these young pets. They are sold to labs for testing. They are quit often obtained from your ads to find home, for purposes other than to be inside a home as a family pet. Adopting out pets is a skill and talent most do not have time to manage correctly.

Thank your ACO today! Stop by your SPCA this week. Volunteer your time to help the pets inside. Make it a teachable moment for yourself and/or your children. We all started recycling years ago with plastic & glass. Pets often find themselves transitional in life as well as humans due to divorce, relocation and even death. Take time to “love the ones who love YOU the most”, our pets! Stop by your local SPCA to thank your ACO & to volunteer today!

Happy Tails!

Kyle aka Nanny

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