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Diabetic Pets at Home

  We’ve seen our share of diabetic pets when providing Pet Sitting over the past 19 years in homes in Cincinnati & N. Kentucky. Pet Parents often wonder if they should travel when they see changes in their pets. The short answer is yes, provided your pet is stable and has begun treatment with your Veterinarian. Our Pet Parents report going to their veterinarian to report the following changes in their pet.


Drinking Water Excessively

Frequent Urinating

Agitated or Mood Changes

Diarrhea, Heartburn,  Nausea, Dizziness

Legs Dragging

Labored Walking

Family Pets Agitated

   Symptoms as mentioned must be researched to find answers quickly!  A plan with their Vet will be developed to run the necessary tests and begin treatment. Test results reveal how swift a course of action must take place, Often several aspects of care needs to be addressed with your Vets help and guidance. We’ve known treatment to include:


Modify Diet

Timely Meals Served

Increased Rest

Establish Exercise Routine

Sequestering or monitoring other pets

Increased potty opportunities

Lower Stress

Administer medication

Follow up Tests

Consistent with Above

    Pet Parents know their pets well. Trust your instincts vs waiting for the next trip to  the Vet to get test results for sugar levels. It is critical to watch for excessive insulin. Signs can include:






Unsteady Gate


    Family, friends and neighbors may not have the experience to know the signs of pet distress or to administer medication for your pets. They often do not have the time to center upon the changes in your home. Reserving our Pet Nanny is key when traveling for vacation and business. Changes in moods,  exercise, food AND medication will be reviewed before you depart. We always work with your Veterinarian when needed while you are away. Our goal is to provide Home & Pet care so that you can enjoy your trip,  You’ll return relaxed & refreshed with your pets waiting at home in their familiar sights and sounds.

    Happy travels!