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Dangers of kitty litter

Although clumping kitty litter is a convenience for cat parents, it is very toxic to your kitty.

One of the toxic ingredients in kitty litter is Silica. Prolonged exposure to silica dust can cause severe health risks to both animals and humans. Inhalation of silica dust can cause irritation, permanent damage of the mucous membranes of the lungs and upper respiratory tract as well as leading to silicosis and lung cancer.

Another toxic ingredient is Sodium bentonite, which acts like an expandable cement. They swell to 15 to 18 times their dry size and can be used as grouting, sealing, and plugging materials. ( DON’T FLUSH IT!) Cats often lick themselves after using the litter box, ingesting pieces of the litter. The litter swells just as it would in your plumbing.

There are a number of natural kitty litter alternatives.  This includes litter made from corn, wheat, cedar or pine chips, and paper. There are a number of natural kitty litter options that cat parents can try until they find one that their cat is comfortable using.

Cat parents can also make homemade kitty litter. This is made by using old newspapers and junk mail, wood shavings, and chicken feed. Homemade kitty litter can be better for the environment and your budget than other options, but it will probably take a lot of patience and trial and error for you to find a homemade litter that really works for you.

If you are not already using a non-toxic kitty litter please consider one without silica or sodium bentonite. Keep your kitty healthy.