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I used Kyle & Tyler at Professional Pet Nanny for about 5 years.  I recently just moved to louisville and left cincy and truthfully tried NOT to move as I didn’t want to give Kyle and her business up.  Kyle and her team cared for my 2 cats for 5 years and became family.  I could never imagine how fantastic of a service it was as I used other pet nannies and they came short of expectations consistently.  Not only did Kyle for 5 years have open access to my home and cared nearly weekly for my cats while I traveled, she was truly family and extension of me to the cats.  They used to stress and freak out when I left.  With Kyle I would come home and they would look at me like “what are you doing back here so soon?”  I swear I could never imagine how amazing this business would impact my pets lives and I am so grateful for her TLC.  I am hoping to move back to Cincy in the next year purposely to have her back in our family.  She has my contact information and anyone can contact me for a reference.