Professional Pet Nanny, Inc.
“We Come To Play While You’re Away!”
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Professional Pet Nanny have been nannying my two cats, Dill & Scout, since I moved to Cincinnati 11 years ago. I travel a LOT for work, but I never worry about my cats or my home when Professional Pet Nanny is in charge. It’s more than just refilling food & water, keeping the litter clean & my home tidy. PPN love Dill & Scout & treat them (& me) as if I were part of their family. I cherish the report cards PPN leaves for me, I am grateful for the extras (extra pets, sweeping up as needed, photos of the cats texted when I am missing them) & please with the relationship PPN has fostered with me & my pets. SO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

(And, always recommending to my downtown & near downtown friends/neighbors).