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I have been using Professional Pet Nanny since late 2008/early 2009. They take care of my two small dogs. I typically schedule once or twice a day visits. I have been impressed with their service from the beginning! My dogs are paper-trained, so the nanny will wash their pads when soiled. They also check my mail, water my plants, and take out my trash if requested. There was even one time when I had a death in my family and had to leave town suddenly. My Pet Nanny was able to arrange her schedule such that I could still have some items delivered to my house in my absence. They have always been responsive to my requests for pet sitting. Communication is easy. I correspond with the pet nanny by text to let them know when I’m leaving and when I’m back in town. They leave a detailed summary of each day of the visit for my review when I get back home. I get pictures by text as well. I would highly recommend Professional Pet Nanny to any pet owner for safe, reliable, and compassionate service.