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They visited our kitties daily, making sure they had plenty of food and water, and that their litter boxes were regularly scooped.  In addition to this, our pet Nanny visited and played with our kitties.  She also got our mail, took an overview of our house inside & out to make sure everything was okay.  After her 1st visit, she left a message on our answering machine to reassure us that she was visiting & everything was okay.  We also take care of a feral colony, and our Pet Nanny also fed and watered them.  Finally she even watered our plants, inside & out. My Pet Nanny visited daily, and watered, scooped litter boxes, fed & gave attention to our kitties.  She is terrific!  THis company’s service is amazing!  They are professional yet friendly, and take extremely good care of our pets for an very affordable rate.  Furthermore, with their service, someone visits our house everyday, making it looked lived in: a further plus. Great!  They always give extra special care to our kitties. We are at ease when we have to go out of town. MarShe left us some goodys (human) and wonderful cat treats too go.