Professional Pet Nanny, Inc.
“We Come To Play While You’re Away!”
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We hired Professional Pet Nanny to visit and play with our 7-month-old kitten Zip while we vacationed in Florida this past winter. Our Pet Nanny came twice a day to feed, give fresh water, scoop the litter box, and most importantly PLAY with our active kitten. He also opened and closed blinds and shades and shoveled snow to make our house look lived in. He sent me several text messages, some with photos, about how well Zip was eating and playing. He also gave Zip plenty of lap snuggling time, petting, and loving. When we got home, Zip was glad to see us but not super needy or distressed at all. The services of this company are worth their weight in gold! We have used them several times since and will continue to use and recommend them.