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PPN came to my house twice a day for a week to care for my 2 cats while I was out of town. I found this company via Angie’s List and called for the initial appointment.  After a few days of phone tag, my Pet Nanny and I were able to speak and make an appointment for her to come to my house.  My Pet Nanny conducts a very thorough interview about pet needs and habits and also covers house-sitting items like trash pickup,  alarm systems, etc.  She came to my house twice each day, fed the cats, took care of the litter box and played with the cats as well.  On several occasions she took digital photos of the cats and emailed them to me.  It seems silly, but gives you reassurance that she is making her visits and caring for your pets.   She also brought in a newspaper that was delivered by accident and a package that was left on the doorstep during my absence as well as taking the trash and recycling out on the appropriate day. When I got home my pets were glad to see me, but I do think they greatly benefited from the attention they received while I was away.