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Inspirational Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Pet

Pets can boost your health and teach you important and valuable life lessons. Pets are good at looking after themselves and doing whatever they need to feel good. This is something we should learn from them and implement into our own lives. Here are some life lessons you can learn from your pets.

Being present in the moment

Your pet doesn’t overthink the past or worry about the future. When your pet is eating it’s favorite meal it’s not thinking about gaining weight or the need to exercise more, they are just enjoying that very moment. Do you feel stressed all the time? Do you think you need to have figured everything out? Take a look at your pet and try to copy some of its behavior.


Pets are thankful for their owners, for cuddling, being fed, and playtime. They appreciate whatever they have and they show it. Do you have a hard time being grateful for what you have? Are you thankful for the people who care about you? No matter what is going on be thankful for your blessings and don’t focus on the negativity in your life.

Make time to play

Most pets love to play! My cat, Loki, can play with an old shoestring for hours. Dogs like to chase a ball or stick. Birds can play with a bell or whatever toys it has in its cage. Find something you love doing and start doing it. Go outside, dance around in the house, be crazy and have fun!

Take walks

If you have a pet that needs to go for a walk you have a good reason to go outside, but whether you have a pet that needs a walk or not, taking a walk is good for your mind and body. Balanced exercise is really good to boost your mental and physical health.

Enjoy the journey

Everyone has seen cars passing by with a dog sticking his head out the window, enjoying the ride. No matter where they are going they are enjoying the ride. No matter where your goal in life takes you, focus on the experiences and lessons you learn along the way, enjoy the small things, don’t just focus on the outcome.

Forgive! Don’t hold grudges

Pets forgive very easily. How long does your cat stay mad if you accidentally step on his tail? Does your dog hold a grudge when you forget his favorite treat? Holding a grudge has a negative influence on your emotional well-being and it keeps you from moving forward. Do as your pets do and forgive yourself and others.

Overcome your fears

Animals can overcome their fears through love and kindness. An animal that may have been treated badly in the past will have a fear of being treated badly. With enough attention, patience and love, animals can overcome that fear. Love really conquers all and you should start with yourself. What are your fears? You’ll see that replacing that fear and self-criticism with self love makes you strong and able to handle every situation in life.

Accept yourself

Pets don’t worry about their looks. They don’t compare themselves to other animals wishing they had longer legs or smaller hips. People spend and waste a lot of time trying to change their looks or hating themselves for not  being “picture perfect.” Look at yourself and value your uniqueness. Love it all, the positive and the negative.

Relax and unwind

Every pet owner knows how often their pets think it’s time for a nap. They find their favorite spot and favorite sleep position and simply relax and unwind. We live in a fast paced digital society that never unplugs. Learn from your pet and allow yourself to take a break to relax and unwind. It will calm your mind and restore your energy.

Be loyal and trustworthy

Has anyone ever lied to you? Cheated on you? It makes you feel terrible. Learn from your pets. They don’t lie, they are always loyal. Be loyal and honest to your family and friends. Treat people the way you like to be treated.

Love unconditionally

Your pet will love you unconditionally. You don’t need to deserve their love. Whether you just yelled at them because they did something bad, or you’re in a bad mood, your pet is still happy to be around you. Loving someone unconditionally isn’t an easy thing to do, but it can give you so much in return.