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T. Dustin

We love Professional Pet Nanny! We have required their services several times, and every time has been outstanding for us, but even more so for our cats. When we get home, all three of our cats seem content and happy, which wasn’t always the case in the past when we left them with friends who were inconsistent or less cat friendly. They play with your cats, make sure they get meds if necessary, and even sometimes tidy up around the house (if you’re a mess like me!). And they’re available at the relative drop of a hat – we once scheduled them for a three day visit two days before we had to leave and they were able to make it work. I simply cannot recommend Professional Pet Nanny enough – they are the best at what they do!

S. Osborn

Professional Pet Nanny did a great job taking care of my pet. I always use their service. They are considerate, professional, and I know that they will always take care of my pet!

W. Maxson

We have use Professional Pet Nanny, Inc. consistently since moving to two 4 years ago. We started with two elderly dogs who have since passed on and now have two young boxers. Pet Nanny has handled all 4 well, appropriately caring for the older dogs and their needs and now for the young energetic pups. We have them come 3 or so days a week to let the dogs out while we are at work. The days often vary and we appreciate how flexible they are as we communicate by text when we need them. We love the heartfelt notes that they leave describing their time with the dogs. Our long time Nanny is great with them.. It always pleases me when I get to see them interact with the dogs and the dogs obviously love our Pet Nanny! I highly recommend Professional Pet Nanny!

M. Prigg

Professional Pet Nanny is the only service I use for my dog Rufio. Not only are they great with keeping you updated with what time they will get there they also keep a dog journal letting you know how the walk worked. I highly recommend using Kyle and her team of walkers and pet sitters. The prices are great too!

B. Dobbie

Love Professional Pet Nanny! Our Pet Nanny is friendly and reliable. We have used her several times while out of town. Our cat was so lonely while we were out of town for the weekend, she licked bare spots on her legs. A daily visit and play session with our Pet Nanny has made such a difference. Our cat is not stressed while we’re gone and no more bare patches. She sends a pic daily so we know our cat is doing okay. Professional Pet Nanny gives peace of mind when we can’t be there!

J. Mor

We have found the perfect Pet Nanny to care for our 2 cats when we travel. They eat different foods and must be watched so they don’t snitch the wrong diet. They are loved, played with and are very content when we get home. Our Pet Nanny send us pictures and leave a report card of the visit. The website is easy to use too.

B. Bruner

Professional Pet Nanny is very professional and provides the best care for our dogs. We use PPN for dog walks on an irregular basis, because I work from home and travel every once in a while. It’s great to know that I have the option of having someone take care of our dogs even though they don’t need a walk every single day. I love the flexibility of PPN. Our walker is great. She truly loves the dogs and sends me updates as she is walking them. She plays with them and gives them everything that they need, and also leaves really great notes behind so that we know how the day went. I’m so glad to have found PPN and highly recommend, no matter what your pet care needs!

A. Segall

We were in a bind when we contacted PPN looking for a sitter. Our Pet Nanny was very accommodating and came right over to meet us. When we were expecting our daughter, PPN was ‘on call’ too and gave us a cute little gift when we got home. We are so happy that my Pet Nanny seems to genuinely care about our cat.

J. Lucca

We wouldn’t trust anybody but PPN (not even you mom – sorry) with our beloved cats. The PPN team are courteous, professional, efficient – and as you will see – they really love animals. I can’t stay away from my critters for more than a few days at a time no matter what but when I do I can go with peace of mind, confident that PPN will be there for us and for our kitties. They will even provide daily text or email updates including pictures of your little sweethearts. I don’t know what we would do without you PPN (actually I do: I wouldn’t leave the house for more than one night).

K. Kanakes

Professional Pet Nanny have been nannying my two cats, Dill & Scout, since I moved to Cincinnati 11 years ago. I travel a LOT for work, but I never worry about my cats or my home when Professional Pet Nanny is in charge. It’s more than just refilling food & water, keeping the litter clean & my home tidy. PPN love Dill & Scout & treat them (& me) as if I were part of their family. I cherish the report cards PPN leaves for me, I am grateful for the extras (extra pets, sweeping up as needed, photos of the cats texted when I am missing them) & please with the relationship PPN has fostered with me & my pets. SO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

(And, always recommending to my downtown & near downtown friends/neighbors).