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Lisa M.

We have been using Professional Pet Nanny pet sitting services for the last four years. My Pet Nanny is wonderful with our dog, Madison. We have been blessed to have a leaflet dropped off when she was first starting up her business. I highly recommend her services and her company. Thank you!!

Lesley V.

What amazing service! My Pet Nanny took care of our two dogs while we were away – she is extremely professional, warm and wonderful and is a true animal person! I highly recommend this company should you need to leave your pets and your home – all will be incredibly well looked after. Thank you!

Linda N.

Just used Professional Pet Nanny for the first time. My Pet Nanny took excellent care of our 5 cats while we were away, everything kept clean & tidy. It made for a worry-free trip out of town. Will definitely use in the future. Highly recommend.

Nancy F.

My Pet Nanny is wonderful! Her challenge was to get my short haired dachshund to pee in the subzero temps and windchills of January – no easy task, but she succeeded. She is conscientious and you can tell she really cares for animals.